About Normarie's Guest House


Our Home

Here, at our wonderful Guesthouse, you can enjoy peace, privacy and feel like home. We deliver all the creature comforts at great value.

Each of the contemporary suites include a private area that lead to our enchanting garden and other quaint spots like our unique water feature.

It’s the ultimate retreat for those who are looking for meaningful experiences in a holiday, and a sanctuary of natural beauty where they can kick back, relax and breath in the fresh air.

You'll "dig" our garden

Take a leisurely walk through our indigenous garden where you can watch some of the many beautiful South African bird species, with a little bit luck you see birds like the Knysna warbler, Knysna woodpecker, or the famous and vividly-coloured Knysna Loerie (Knysna Turaco).

Get a great start

As the African sun rises wake up, to a chorus of bird songs you will have a delicious breakfast, which will be served on our private terrace, where you will have a beautiful view over the Island Lake.

Make lasting memories

Allow yourself to be seduced by the area’s glorious natural beauty. Embark on unique day excursions while soaking in the diverse tastes, sounds and cultures of The Route. Or play a round of golf on one of the many legendary golf courses and take on outdoor adventures that you’ll never forget.

Your Hosts

Travelers, explorers, adventurers, insert many more descriptors here, as long as it’s not ‘tourists’. Norbert and Anne have collected countless cherished memories from their wonderful experiences across the globe.
But with its vast landscapes, rich exotic fauna, abundant wildlife and uniquely diverse culture, one country has stolen their hearts – South Africa, the Jewel of Africa’s Crown.
When you first step onto her beautiful shores, it’s clear to see why Norbert and Anne traded the hustle-and-bustle of historical city, Münster, for somewhere more open, wild and wonderful. After many return visits the couple decided to pack their bags, and in late December 2017, arrived at the doorstep of what is now Normarie’s Guesthouse.
With revitalized enthusiasm and inspiration, Norbert and Anne want to share their African adventures, joys and the wild beauty of their adopted country with all their guests.
One of Norbert’s favourite quotes perfectly sums up the couple’s vision: "Tame birds sing about freedom, wild birds fly."